Listing all the Cool Night Life, Sexy Lounges, Bars, Restaurants and Chill Spots that I’ve been to in Gwinnett County

Things To Do In Gwinnett

From Bars, Nightlife, Lounges, and Restaurants to Live Music, Sports and Entertainment. Here is a list of some of the cool things to do in Gwinnett County GA that I have experienced around this ever expanding county!

Lounges and Chill spots In Gwinnett

Sometimes you just want to vibe to some music over drinks while watching the game. Whether its live music or a cool after work happy hour upscale lounge, here are a few I’ve found.

Live Theatre In Gwinnett

See a Live Musical or Stage Play right here in Gwinnett County. 

Theatrical Performances

Enjoy live Broadway styled theatrical stage performances?  Check out what’s new at the Aurora Theatre in Downtown Lawrenceville GA.

Live Sports In Gwinnett

If you enjoy Live Sports and looking for something close, Gwinnett County has Live Sports. Coolray Field is a cool vibe, surrounded by a rapidly developing modern community. Catch a AAA Minor League Baseball game at Coolray Field in Lawrenceville

Coming Soon to Gwinnett

Womens Extreme Football League coming to Gas South Arene (formely known as Infinite Energy Arena)




Fun & Games in Gwinnett

Nothing wrong with appeasing the inner child.  Adults need play time too.  Here are a few places in Gwinnett to get your drink on and play on at the same time!

Bars & Pubs

If conversation and drinks at the local pub is your thing, check out the clusters of modern bar communities that are popping up in Gwinnett.  Many of which feature live music, gaming & sports and each one offering a unique mixture of cultural delicacies and the stoutest spirits available.