PK Tunn Lounge Bar and Grill Suwanee GA

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PK Tunn Lounge Bar & Grill

This multicultural lounge offers some of the best international cuisine in Gwinnett County.  If you are Grown and Sexy and looking for a diverse place to chill at, here is what you need to know about PK Tunn Lounge Bar and Grill.  Located at 3103 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd, Suwanee, GA.

The Crowd

This spot has got to be the United Nations of Gwinnett with its vast mix of peoples.  Grown and Sexy patrons from the furthest corner pockets of the earth can be found in PK Tunn Lounge Bar and Grill’s swanky yet posh atmosphere.  The age seemed to range from 30 years of age to 50ish. No where else can I turn left and drop a compliment in Korean and then look right and ask “What you drinking Ms?” in Urdu.  Its also a perfect alternative to watch the game at as well, with multiple screens up on the wall. The owner is crazy cool and interacts with the guests and can also pour a mean drink!  The times that I have gone, everybody in there was having a blast.  The seating is ample and cozy, if you are meeting someone or bringing a date.

PK Tunn Lounge Bar and Grill Suwanee GA

The Dress Code

Casual.  The vibe is laid back and real chill with its relaxed dress code.  Makes for a great lil’ after-work meetup.

The Parking

Parking was limited in front but there seemed to be plenty of parking on the side. My guess is that the later it gets the further around the side you will have to park.

The Food & Drinks

The bar crew took care of us well the few times that I have been there.  Some of them were fresh cadets behind the bar, but by the third pour it didn’t matter 🙂

PK Tunn Lounge Bar and Grill Suwanee GA

Now the food in this place is 5 star.  If you are in the mood for a Middle Eastern or Indian or Mediterranean palette, then you must go to PK Tunn Bar and Lounge.  I recommend the Lamb Lollipops. See the full menu

Friday Nights

Thus far I have been to PK Tunn Bar and Lounge a few times on a Friday after work and evening.  Both times I had a blast.  Friday right after work it was a bit less crowded but that allowed me to get to them Lamb Chops that much quicker.  They still had the music hittin’ the way I like and was pumping all R&B jams.  When I visited on a Friday night it was bumping, there were people from all walks of life swarming the dance floor.

Hopefully soon I will get there on a Saturday night and provide an update. Drop by PK Tunn Lounge Bar and Grill.  For more info call (678) 288-9632

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