Restaurants in Downtown Duluth

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Restaurants in Downtown Duluth

With all the new trendy Restaurants in Downtown Duluth, it is quickly becoming the new Buckhead of Gwinnett County.

The entire corridor down Duluth Hwy 120 has been totally redeveloped and offers a plethora of things to do in Downtown Duluth.

If your pallet calls for fine dining, then you must check out Noona Fine Meats + Oysters!

Restaurants in Downtown Duluth

This upscale restaurant had the freshest and most exotic selection of Oysters that I have ever had the privilege of eating!

The Chefs and Staff are simply amazing! The menu lineup is a mastery of ever evolving delicacies and changes daily. 

Be sure to visit the Bar and experience pure bliss.  If their exist such a thing as a PHD in Cocktail Mixology then surely the Bartenders at Noona Restaurant must all have a Masters Degree!  I was thoroughly impressed with both food and drink and left the restaurant both satisfied and educated for the better!

Parking in Downtown Duluth can be a challenge but the experience at Noona is well worth it.

If you are Grown and Sexy and looking for an upscale venue to meet-up and eat-up, make an effort to eat at Noona Steakhouse and Oysters.

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